Things I learned at my CCW class…

glock_xd_smTook my CCW class yesterday – finally:) It was more interesting than I thought it would be, here are some thoughts on the class in no particular order…

  1. You will learn enough in the CCW class to know what is legal or not when it comes to drawing or shooting your weapon. You WON’T learn enough to be a competent shooter or to survive a deadly force encounter. If you really want to CCW, getting the permit is only the first step. You MUST commit to training so you don’t kill an innocent bystander or get yourself killed.
  2. My gun handling skills suck. I’ve been shooting since I was 10 or so and figured I had the gun safety thing all figured out. Still is was hard for me to remember to take my finger out of the trigger guard every time it needed to be out of the trigger guard.
  3. I actually shot better than I thought I would. My first 15 shots were all within the 9 ring but fairly evenly patterned – more like a tight pattern than an actual group. After a bit of coaching the second 15 shots all went into a ragged 3 inch hole. Target was at 7 yards. I’m no Wyatt Earp, but now I know I can learn to shoot.
  4. With my body build it’s going to be tough finding a holster that’s comfortable and conceals well. Time to lose about 15 lbs…
  5. Some discussion came up about Glocks, and how they seem to have more negligent discharges than other pistols. This seems to be related to the fact that they have no safety other than the trigger safety, and if something (car keys, a worn out holster, etc) protrudes into the trigger guard, it WILL press the trigger and fire the gun. The instructor mentioned the Springfield XD is a (potentially) safer carry choice because it has a grip safety in addition to the trigger safety.
  6. Springfield XD’s are SERIOUSLY ugly. Our class was held at the local Scheels, so I checked them out while on break. They look like they were either designed by 4th graders or were a proof of concept that never got updated before going into production. Having “GRIP ZONE” molded into the grip??? Really??? How stupid do they think their intended market is? Plus, about $10 more than a Gen 4 Glock, $80 more than a Gen 3.
  7. After thinking about it, the “less safe” Glock might actually be safer for me. Knowing that the gun requires extra diligence to avoid shooting myself in the ass means I’ll be extra-extra careful. The “safer” XD would probably make me complacent, which is never a good idea with guns.
  8. The “reset feature” on the Glock trigger is very cool. After the instructor showed it to me, shot-to-shot was much faster AND my shooting was more accurate.
  9. I need a target stand. The range is too crowded, too formal, and too far to drive.
  10. I wish I could get a 22LR Glock to practice with. 10 cents per round is hella cheaper than 25 per round for 9mm.
  11. ┬áI’d forgotten how much fun it is to shoot. Need to spend a lot more time shooting ­čÖé
  12. For now, I don’t think I’ll carry. Maybe after I get a lot more comfortable with the idea. I won’t mind not paying the $25 background check that I have to pay without the permit.

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Guns in the Age of “Progressives”

glock vs springfield xdProgressives hate guns. Some might claim they don’t, but the vast majority of them do and they’re on the brink of electing a president – Hillary Clinton – who has promised repeatedly to appoint justices to the US Supreme Court who will overturn previous SCOTUS rulings that validate an individual Right to Keep and Bear Arms. Just in case that’s not bad enough, she wants an outright ban on so-called “assault weapons” even though they are used in less than 1% of gun crimes in the US. She wants gun manufacturers to be held liable for crimes committed by criminals who use a product that is legally manufactured by one of the most highly┬áregulated industries in our country. She has supported a national sales tax of 25% on all gun purchases and onerous taxes on ammunition. She supports national gun registration, which has led to gun confiscation in just about every country that’s done it – most notably in Australia, a country whose gun laws Clinton has expressed admiration for.

If Mrs. Clinton is elected and is able to implement her anti-gun, anti-liberty agenda you have a few choices. One, you could just get rid of all your guns – not a good option in my opinion. Two, you could bury them in the back yard and hope the government never finds them. Another horrible option, because what good is having guns if you can’t use them. The third option as I see it is to switch to guns that don’t draw quite as much attention as an AR-15 or a Glock. This isn’t perfect either, but until enough gun owners (and others who value our Bill of Rights) pull their heads out of their butts and vote for pro liberty candidates, it’s all we’ve got. In fact, just voting isn’t enough – we’ve got to advocate for pro-liberty candidates, educate family and friends, and call out the “progressive” media and others on the left when they spread their lies – but that’s another blog post…

In the mean time, what kind of guns am I talking about? Well, guns like the ones you might have had as a kid. 22 rifles. Revolvers. Pump action or even single-shot rifles. Muzzle loaders.