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Fruits and vegetables I’m growing in my garden… I mean ‘urban homestead’… LOL

Garden 2018

Last year’s garden was even worse than our 2016 garden. We only got summer squash (zephyr and zucchini), some okra, and a few cherry tomatoes. Mostly I think it was because we planted too late. Also, our winter squash was planted in the ground instead of our raised beds, and the soil in our yard basically sucks. This year should be a lot better. I’m putting in six new raised beds and we’re starting the seeds a lot earlier. Except for some zucchini and zephyr squash, everything we’re planting this year will be open pollinated, heirloom varieties. I don’t know if I’ll have room for everything. We have seeds for cherry tomatoes (Indigo Blue Berries and Chocolate), corn (Hopi Blue and Stowell’s Evergreen), beets (Chioggia), summer squash (Zuchinno Rampicante), winter squash (f, f, and f), beans (), okra (), and carrots. We also have 3 beds of garlic that we planted last fall, 2 fig trees (in pots), and 4 blackberry plants. Oh, and some potatoes.

Most of the work I’ve gotten done so far has just been yard cleanup and getting rid of all the sucker roots from the locust tree we cut down 2 years ago. I hope to get most of the seeds started this weekend and get the new beds built between the 19th and 21st of this month. I also need to get some large planters because I don’t think everything will fit in the wood beds.

We’re also going to try a few new things this year. I just finished 2 really simple worm beds and put red wigglers in one and European night crawlers in the other. Once the weather warms up a bit the wigglers will go into one of the raised beds and the crawlers will go into the one place in my yards that has decent soil. I found a good video on YouTube about raising carrots in a pot – something I didn’t think was practical – so we’re going to try that. We also plan on having some upside down tomatoes. And hopefully, either ducks or rabbits before the end of the season.


Welcome to┬ámy urban homestead. There’s not a lot going on since it’s winter here in northern Nevada, but there are still some things that can be done. I’m still in the process of planning next summer’s garden, I have a few gun projects to finish up, my garage/workshop needs a major cleaning and reorganization, etc…

The two big things I’ll be working on through the end of this year are learning how to bake bread and growing wheat grass. It’s too cold outside and the days are too sort for any kind of regular gardening, but I’m going to try growing a wheat grass microgarden. It should be fun:)