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We’re Back…

we-be-backSo much for not paying attention… my web hosting expired (I knew it was coming so no excuses) so my several domains stop working last Friday. Luckily I’d backed up the databases for the important ones, but did nothing else. It took me awhile to get the domains transferred and I’m still trying to figure out the new account interface (cpanel) and domain user scheme. But anyway, we’re back.

As for the garden, we had mixed results but it wasn’t a total failure. We got lots of summer squash throughout the summer and a so-so crop of cherry tomatoes. We also got 8 or 9 butternut squash and 7 pumpkins, but the pumpkins didn’t get ripe before the first heavy frost killed the vines early last week. My salsify experiment was a failure and my wife’s asian bean plants grew into some beautiful and healthy looking vines with lots of blossoms, but no beans. Anyway, hoping next year is better. We got a late start this year, but I have six new planting beds for next summer. I’m going to spend the winter trying to make good soil for them.

Things to do this year…

I’m not big on resolutions because I never keep them, but planning is a different thing… some would even say that failing to have a plan is akin to intentionally planning to fail. I won’t go that far but planning things does help me keep organized and since the last year had some major changes, I need something to get more focused/better organized/whatever… Anyway, here are 12 things I hope to do this year:

1. Get in shape. In 2013 I was doing great. I joined a gym, cut way back on my drinking, started eating healthy, etc. Then in January of last year my dad passed away and all that went out the window. I dropped out of the gym, started drinking, uhmmm… NOT moderately, and eating, well… which is all stupid. My energy level has gone through the floor, and if I want to get anything done I need to get back in shape – so of all the things to do this year, this is the most important.

2. Homestead the house. In most states, ‘homesteading’ your house gives you a LOT of protection against law suits, creditors, etc.

3. Set up a trust. Another great way to protect assets is to put most of them in a trust, with the trust (not you) owning the assets. If YOU don’t own them, they can’t be taken away, say, as the result of losing a lawsuit…

4. Grow a garden. I’ve already started this actually, with 3 raised beds planted with garlic. I plan a lot more though, with emphasis on stuff I actually like to eat.

5. Raise some animals. I’m going to start with rabbits, and if that works out I’d like to get 3 or 4 laying hens.

6. De-clutter. It’s really hard to get anything done when you’re constantly tripping over junk, and we have a serious junk problem at our house – time to get rid of it.

7. Spend more time hunting and fishing, along with other legal methods of getting wild (natural) food – catching crayfish, gathering edible plants, etc.

8. Learn how to cook and can. I know some basic cooking, but not more complex things like baking bread. Canning will also be great for preserving the stuff I grow in the garden, which leads to…

9. Set up a food store. If the SHTF, it would be nice to know I’ll be able to feed my family, at least for awhile.

10. Spend some time camping and learning outdoor skills.

11. Get my CCW.

12. Start going to church again and regularly studying the Bible. “Man does not live by bread alone…”

There you go, 12 things. I hope they’ll keep me busy and out of trouble…