Yesterday was the last day…

My dad passed away a year ago today, so yesterday was the one year anniversary of the last day I got to talk with him. I remember it well. Last year the 19th was on a Sunday, and even though Monday was a holiday I was going to have to work. My parents were planning on picking up my son and having him spend the day with them. I called them in the evening to finalize the plans, which were for them to pick him up around 11:30, then when I got off work I’d go to their house and we’d all have a visit.

I don’t usually remember casual conversations, but this one really stuck in my mind because my dad sounded really agitated about the NFL playoff game he was watching. His team was losing, a combination of poor playing and bad refereeing (according to him). My dad was an avid football fan, but it was the first time I’d ever hear him sound so irritated about his favorite team losing a game. I jokingly told him that if he didn’t calm down I’d have mom ban him from watching football… then I changed the subject and we talked a little more and hung up. Something just didn’t feel right. If I’d known it was the last day I’d ever talk to my dad I would have gone to their house that night to visit. It turns out it’s good I didn’t though because they wouldn’t have been there anyway.

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