Truck Gun

Truck Gun

I built my truck gun last year but didn’t have time to shoot it until recently. This was my third AR-15 build and my easiest one since I kept everything simple.

Keeping It Simple

In spite of what some people say, you don’t always need an optic and you sure as hell don’t need a light (even though “it’s 2015”) to have a useful AR-15. My goal for this gun was something solid that could take some banging around (it’s a truck gun…) and not lose accuracy. I also wanted to try a poly lower.

GWACS CAV-15 Mk II Poly Receiver and things

The lower receiver I picked is the CAV-15 Mk II from GWACS Armory. Unlike most AR-15 lowers, the CAV-15 combines the stock and receiver into a one piece unit, which eliminates a weak spot where they’d join on a regular AR. I bought the fully populated lower (trigger safety, bolt catch, etc already installed) for $200 (current price is $220) which is pretty good compared to building your own lower. The barrel is a no-name 16″, 1-9 twist, carbine gas, with an A2-style FSB that I bought from JSE Surplus. BCG is an $80 unit from AIM Surplus, and the upper was one I got free when I bought a barrel from SAA. Forearm is MagPul, and the rest of the upper parts are the cheapest ones I could get. The only thing I splurged on was the rear sight from Larue Tactical.

Test Shooting

Sighting in was drama free. In fact, with the front and rear sights set at the position, it shot to point of aim at 50 yards so I didn’t even have to adjust them. The trigger supplied is by CMMG and feels better than “mil spec” triggers I’ve tried on other guns. In fact it’s nice enough that I’m not going to bother replacing it with a Geissele – it’s a truck gun after all.

An Affordable Truck Gun

Total cost was about $650 including shipping costs and FFL transfer fee, but I could have knocked some off by going with a cheaper rear sight. So far I only have about 150 rounds through it with no malfunctions so far. For the money, I like it better than any of the low end AR-15’s I’ve seen in stores.

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