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I’m just a country boy forced by job to live in the city. I’ve always wanted to move back to a small town – some day – but I realize that may never happen. So I resigned myself to life in the city and withdrew into hobbies – building rifles, reading, drinking beer, etc. In short, nothing productive. Until my dad passed away in January 2014.

My mom decided to buy a house just up the street from ours. She and my dad were avid gardeners, and moving meant she’d lose her garden. Even worse, her new home has a really tiny back yard – no room to grow anything except maybe some herbs – and she really wants to grow garlic and blackberries. So I talked it over with my wife and we agreed to put some raised beds in the back yard so my mom can grow garlic, and also let her plant some blackberries along the fence.

With my mom spending so much time at our house, I started feeling embarrassed about how bad it looked (especially the front yard), so I decided to do something about it. We took out the entire front yard and replaced it with Lodi rock. Nice, simple, and doesn’t take a lot of water. My wife loves it, and I’m not embarrassed when my mom comes over. With two small successes I got to thinking – I want a simpler life – a small town life. Even though I live in the city…

After talking things over with my wife, we decided to expand the garden area from just three raised beds to half (at least) of our back yard. The other half or so will remain “quail friendly” instead of getting a lawn like we’d originally planned. Besides growing vegetables, we’re also going to raise rabbits and in the future maybe we’ll get a few chickens.

Call it what you will – urban homesteading, backyard gardening, whatever. I call it small town  living and I’m really looking forward to it.

Oh, the name: When I decided to get rabbits, one breed stood out – Silver Fox rabbits. That’s what I’m going to raise, hence Silver Fox Farms.

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  1. My name is Douglas Burt and I was wondering if John DeBoy was your father. John DeBoy was my sixth grade teacher at Mariemont Elementary school in Sacramento. Mr DeBoy was my very favorite teacher and that year holds very special memories for me.

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