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My Family

brother in law and older sonThis past June (June 26) I got to meet part of my family for the first time. My wife’s sister and her husband came here from China. I guess technically they’re my brother-in-law and sister-in-law. I just call them brother and sister. Part of my family. They’ve been living with us and I hope they stay. My brother is home sick for China so they’re talking about going back after the first of the year. My sister plans to come back here after a visit but my brother isn’t sure. I hope they do come back.

Update, November 29

My brother and sister went back to China today. Their flight left at 6:00 am so we had to get up about 4:00. I knew I’d be tired so I took today and tomorrow off from work. It was pouring rain on the way to the airport. Really glad it wasn’t snowing. I thought I was going to be really sad but I did OK. The house sure seems quiet now though…

Update, November 30

Got word that they arrived safely in China. They have some app to do live streaming video between their cell phones and my wife’s iPad so we got to see them. Wife said sister is coming back for sure because she doesn’t want to lose her green card. Brother – not sure but I’ll be working to get things going so he WANTS to come back.