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Guns for the Urban Homesteader

I know – you live in the city, so what do you need a gun for? It’s not like you’re going to be shooting wild game in town or ridding the back 40 of varmints, so why would an urban homesteader want or need a gun? Well, a few reasons I can think of are home defense, concealed carry, and hunting.

Hunting? It’s true you can’t hunt in the city, but every city I’ve lived in was within a few hours at most of land that was legal for hunting.  Hunting is a great way to get back to nature, and adding wild game to your diet is a great way to supplement the animals you’re raising for food.

Home defense and concealed carry are touchy subjects for some, and depending where you live it might not even be legal for you to use a gun for self defense. Assuming you can legally own and use them though, a gun is probably the most effective means of self defense you can get.

If you’ve never owned a gun it’s important to learn the basics of gun safety before you actually buy one. In my opinion, the best way to learn gun safety is through a hunter safety course sponsored by your state’s wildlife department. Another way would be to ask at a local sporting goods store that sells firearms. Be careful though – the store is going to want to sell you a gun, not try to talk you out of one. When you’re talking to the sales person, make it clear that you’re trying to decide if owning a gun is right for you – not that you’ve already decided to buy a gun.